Crestwood board OKs separation pact with former finance officer

City pays Kremer $5,250, $2,000 to his attorneys

By Gloria Lloyd

The Crestwood Board of Aldermen recently approved a separation agreement with former Finance Officer Greg Kremer, who signed the agreement and resigned effective Aug. 15.

Kremer took the position in January 2011. In May of this year, the city sought applications on its website for a new finance officer. At the time, City Administrator Mark Sime told the Call that he did not wish to comment on any of the advertised positions that were held by current city employees because the topic fell under personnel issues.

In a closed meeting on Aug. 20, aldermen voted 8-0 to approve the agreement, which settles all potential claims between Kremer and the city regarding his employment. The city will pay Kremer $5,250 and $2,000 to Kremer’s attorneys.

Kremer claimed he was owed back pay and benefits from May 15 to the present, according to the agreement. In signing the agreement, Kremer also released the city of claims made under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, or ADEA, the document states.

The agreement contains a clause that states that the city and Kremer agree not to make any negative or disparaging remarks against each other, either oral or written.

Before he took over from former Finance Officer Douglas Brewer, who left for a job in North Carolina, Kremer was employed as a senior treasury analyst at Smurfit-Stone.

When he took the job in 2011, Kremer made a salary of $61,200. The city advertised the new finance officer position at a salary of $57,408 to $62,000.

Last year, Crestwood paid seven months of salary and a year of health insurance in severance to former City Administrator Petree Eastman, who made an annual salary of $98,000 and had worked for the city for five months.

Former Director of Finance Diana Madrid received a lump-sum settlement in 2006 of $35,486.33 — a figure based on 24 weeks of her regular salary of $70,430 and unused vacation hours. Around the same time, former Police Chief and City Administrator Don Greer received a settlement paying more than $74,500 in accumulated time-off hours, based on his annual salary of $94,790.