Crestwood Board of Aldermen reviews Sime’s performance in closed session

By Mike Anthony

The Crestwood Board of Aldermen discussed the performance of City Administrator Mark Sime during a May 27 closed session, according to information obtained by the Call through a public records request.

“Mayor (Gregg) Roby discussed the process and details for the performance evaluation of the city administrator, Sime,” the approved closed-session minutes state. “The aldermen commented on specific performance strengths and weaknesses of Mr. Sime.”

The minutes state that Ward 2 Alderman Tim Trueblood made a motion, seconded by Ward 3 Alderman Paul Duchild, to appoint two aldermanic liaisons, Ward 4 Alderman Michael Vincent and Ward 2 Alderman Mary Stadter, along with Roby, to meet with Sime to conduct his performance review and provide him with feedback submitted by the board.

In response to the Call’s original public records request in May, the draft minutes of the May 27 closed session stated, “Further, Mayor Roby and the liaisons will report back to the Board of Aldermen in 90 days following the date of Mr. Sime’s performance review.”

But the approved minutes state, “Further, in 90 days following the date of Mr. Sime’s performance review, the board will reassess Mr. Sime’s performance.”

The motion was approved unanimously by the Board of Aldermen, according to both the draft minutes and the minutes that were approved by the board during a June 24 closed session. Both sets of minutes were prepared by City Attorney Lisa Stump.

During the Aug. 26 board meeting, Trueblood took exception with comments made by former Ward 3 Alderman Jerry Miguel that were critical of Sime, saying aldermen have reviewed the city administrator’s performance.

Of his comments at the Aug. 26 meeting, Trueblood told the Call that he was making a statement to Miguel, “who I have a deep respect for,” and other residents that they don’t have all the information that the board has.

“… Gosh folks, you’re acting like we don’t have all the information. We do. The problem with it is your information and the information we’ve been provided does not bring us to the same conclusion that you have, which is he needs to go …,” he said of Sime.

Sime’s performance as city administrator has been discussed by aldermen in closed sessions, the appropriate venue for a personnel matter, Trueblood said, adding that under the city Charter, aldermen are required to review the city administrator’s performance at least once a year.

“Each performance review shall be made a part of the confidential personnel file of the city administrator,” the Charter states.