County Planning Commission holds site plan for new Mehlville Central Office


An aerial view of an existing office building that could become the new Mehlville Central Office at 2900 Lemay Ferry Road, from the real-estate listing in March 2021.

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

The St. Louis County Planning Commission voted to hold the Mehlville Central Office site plan during its executive session Sept. 12, citing a lack of information about aspects of the plan.

The plan is for C-8 zoning on 4 acres southeast of Lemay Ferry Road. The building is already in place and was used as a medical office. The district is proposing minor changes to parking, the rear and front entrances and the addition of a generator pad.

The plan was recommended for approval by staff, but was held by the commission for more information about landscaping and other aspects not related to the building.

Commissioner Bill Sneed said the presentation during the virtual meeting didn’t have an easy to see plan regarding the landscaping or other outside changes.

“I would like to approve it … it doesn’t really provide a site plan I’m comfortable with approving,” Sneed said.

The commission agreed, although there were concerns a hold could cause unneeded delays for the district. Without knowing how urgent the project was, the commission decided to hold the petition for now, with the opportunity to call for a special meeting to approve the plan after seeing a better site plan.