County expands reproductive health services


St. Louis County Executive Sam Page, right, and his wife, Jennifer, head to the polls Tuesday morning in Creve Coeur to vote for Page in the Democratic primary. Jennifer Page was dressed in scrubs to head to her job at Mercy Hospital South.

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

County Executive Sam Page announced Monday he is signing an executive order committing the county to continue and expand reproductive and sexual health services.

The county already offers services like family planning, counseling, nutrition services, exams and health screenings for predominantly female cancers. Page said services related to pregnancy and childbirth are integrated into primary care services.

“In addition to these specific services and initiatives, our health department supports policies that improve the social determinant of health,” Page said. “This includes access to all types of health care, economic stability, quality education, safe housing and safe neighborhoods.”

Page said the expansion of the departments health services will include training for staff in racial biases, counseling and contraception. The order will strengthen the department’s relationship with the Missouri Family Health Council.

Infrastructure was also a focus in Page’s announcement. He said the department’s online database was last updated 20 years ago and an update would allow services to run much smoother.

“Yes, most of this comes with a price tag. We’re in a unique position with an unprecedented amount of federal funding coming our way,” Page said. “The time has never been more clear to renew our commitment to providing reproductive and sexual health services.”