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Construction begins on Mehlville School District auditorium

Work on new tennis courts continues at middle school

Construction began last week at Mehlville Senior High School for the district’s $6 million auditorium project.

The Board of Education recently voted 6-0 to name Wright Construction as the general contractor for the project. Board member Kathleen Eardley abstained from the Oct. 17 vote.

Director of Facilities Steve Habeck told the district’s Facilities Committee Nov. 1 that surveying took place last week and trees were expected to come down Tuesday.

Superintendent Eric Knost told the committee Wright Construction gave the district “a very aggressive” construction schedule, but the district is sticking with its stated timeline of completion in one year.

“I’ll be happy if it’s anywhere between where they (Wright Construction) say they’ll get done and where we want to get done,” Knost said.

At last month’s Board of Education meeting, Knost recommended the board approve only Wright’s base bid of $5,134,000 and wait to approve such alternates as a connecting corridor, gypsum board and sound equipment, until the need for approval arises.

Knost told the committee he expects the connecting corridor and the gypsum board to be part of the completed auditorium.

“I’m more adamant about the gypsum board than I am about the corridor, but I fully expect that’s not going to be an issue,” he said. “That’s another reason why we went with Wright; there seemed like a real commitment to get all our alternates in.”

District officials would have to make a final decision on including the connecting corridor by February, though Knost said it is “very likely we will make that decision before then.”

Tennis courts

As for the tennis court construction at Bernard Middle School, Habeck said district officials hope to have asphalt, fencing and possibly sidewalks in place by Thanksgiving.

A tennis committee also is trying to raise funds, according to Habeck, for decorative trash receptacles, bleachers and signage.

Habeck said the committee also will sell landscape blocks that can be engraved for an area dedicated to such use near the courts.

The tennis committee is part of the Mehlville-Oakville Foundation, according to Knost.

Five-year facilities plan

The Facilities Committee also discussed year two of the district’s five-year facilities plan, which includes replacing fire alarms at Oakville Senior High and Rogers Elementary and updating the restrooms at Jack Jordan Stadium.

Habeck said plans Dickinson Hussman Architects provided a couple year ago indicate the women’s facilities would increase to five toilets and three sinks from three toilets and one sink. Men’s facilities would go from one toilet and one urinal to three toilets and two urinals, according to Habeck.

The restroom renovation currently is estimated to cost roughly $90,000, according to Habeck. Bids could be sought as early as January and construction tentatively could take place at the beginning of summer during a six- or seven-week period, according to Habeck.

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