City of Mackenzie votes to dissolve

The tiny city of Mackenzie Village voted to disincorporate last week by a three-vote margin, 18 votes to 15.

The disincorporation is not yet final since the County Council has to sign on to it, but the disincorporation can proceed even with the tiny vote margin.

Residents of Mackenzie, in the 63123 ZIP code, would become residents of unincorporated St. Louis County.

The city has 124 residents and 0.24 acres near Route 66 and Mackenzie Road. Village trustees gained enough signatures from Mackenzie residents last fall to place a measure to disband the city on the ballot.

In the April 2014 election, only nine of the city’s 90 registered voters voted. Only 25 signatures were required to place disincorporation on the ballot.

If the disincorporation is ultimately successful, Mackenzie would be the first south county city to disband since St. George in 2011.

Like St. George, Mackenzie residents would become residents of unincorporated south county and would receive city services from the county just as residents do in Affton, Oakville, Concord and other unincorporated areas.