City looking at connectivity to Grant’s Trail


Photo by Lucas Irizarry

Crestwood aldermen are reviewing options to increase connectivity around the city to Grant’s Trail.

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

Connecting trails to Grant’s Trail were looked at by the Crestwood Board of Aldermen Sept. 13.

The topic was brought up by Ward 1 Alderman Jim Zavist, who said the Ridgewood neighborhood has a long walk to a Grant’s Trail connection and a new connection should be investigated.

Fellow Ward 1 Alderman Jesse Morrison said in talking to residents, there’s a “fair bit of incentive” to add the trail since they have such long walks currently. He said if the trail would be added, it would “open up the neighborhood” for walks on Grant’s Trail and to Grant’s Farm.

Mayor Grant Mabie said the city is likely to have some decent cost estimates based on recent projects — his estimation was $250,000 — but his concern was if “the convenience is worth the cost.”

“Let’s say it is a quarter-million dollar project, are we better off putting in a more robust sidewalk network … to better serve the neighborhood?” Mabie said. “I’m not opposed to looking into it and putting it on the capital project list if there’s support for it.”

Mabie said in considering the trail, the board should also be thinking of multiple potential spots due to engineering and property acquisition concerns. 

The project could fall under park grants since the trail is covered by those grants, potentially saving the city some money. Parks and Recreation Director Eilien Ramirez said Great Rivers Greenway could also help with the development if asked.

Outside of money concerns, the city would have to convince neighboring residents to the new trail to let the city use part of their property. Morrison said in unofficial conversations some people wouldn’t have a problem with it, but there could be a change of heart to letting the public close to a property.

The board will revisit the topic after information about possible grants and the cost of the project comes in.