Charter amendments won’t be on April ballot

Proposed charter amendments the Crest-wood Board of Aldermen voted to place on the April 4 ballot will not be considered by voters, according to City Clerk Kim-berly Cottle.

In a Jan. 20 memorandum to City Ad-ministrator Don Greer, she wrote, “On Thursday afternoon, Jan. 19, 2006, I re-ceived signed Affidavits of Petitioners’ Committee for Referendum Proceeding on each of the four charter amendment ballot issues that the Board of Aldermen passed at its Jan. 10 regular meeting. Once such an affidavit is received, the ordinance be-ing petitioned ceases in order to give the petitioners time to follow procedure.

“Therefore, because of the Election Board’s deadlines, none of those four issues will be listed on Crestwood’s ballots for that election,” Cottle wrote.

The Petitioners’ Committee — R.F. Deutschmann, Jacqueline Stockhausen, Frank Spinner, Robert Beck and Roger Anderson — is seeking reconsideration of the four ordinances adopted by the Board of Aldermen placing the proposed charter amendments on the April ballot.

The City Charter states, “Not more than seven days after the affidavit of the Pe-titioners’ Committee is filed, the city clerk shall issue the appropriate petition forms to the Petitioners’ Committee.”

Under the charter, if the required number of signatures are gathered on a petition, the Board of Aldermen is required to re-consider an ordinance.

If an ordinance is returned to the Board of Aldermen and the board fails to repeal the measure, voters then will consider it at a city election, the charter states.