Carnahan addresses redistricting plan that puts his seat at risk

The fate of Democrat Russ Carnahan’s seat in Congress is in the hands of the Republican majority in the state legislature. Following each U.S. Census, the state must redraw district lines as population size changes. Missouri did not grow as fast as other states and, as a result, it is losing a seat in Congress.

Carnahan told Missouri Digital News that he has been working with other lawmakers to find common ground on this issue.

“I’m looking forward to working with folks here again to get it done right,” he said.

University of Missouri political science professor Perevill Squire said that it will be difficult for Carnahan to retain his seat. Carnahan is especially vunerable “given the current political configuration in the state,” Squire said.

Republicans will likely try to squeeze out Carnahan’s district as they meet to redraw district lines.

– Missouri Digital News