Call Newspapers Election Guide November 2018



As you know, a number of federal, state and local races will be decided in the election Tuesday, Nov. 6. Are you ready?

Missourians will elect a U.S. senator and state auditor and will consider a host of state constitutional amendments and ballot measures, and south countians will decide whether to re-elect U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner for Congress, along with a slate of exciting state legislative races and a new County Council member. And Crestwood will elect a new mayor.
You can find coverage of the race between Claire McCaskill and Josh Hawley anywhere, but you’ll only find comprehensive coverage of your local races in the Call and at our website, Scroll down for links to coverage of each south county contest.
On an important note, St. Louis County election officials are asking voters to be ready for Tuesday because the ballot this time around is the longest in memory in St. Louis County and is taking voters 30 minutes to finish, or only eight if voters come prepared with a sample ballot.
As in every election, our comprehensive candidate questionnaires are the best place to find where all the south county candidates stand on the issues.
Although many voters are discouraged with the choices this year or believe their vote won’t count, former Rep. Carl Hendrickson wrote some advice in his column two years ago that we think still applies today: “We have the opportunity to create the society in which we live. Don’t hesitate to vote because you are ‘only one person.'”
On the statewide ballot, voters will decide on the Clean Missouri amendment; three measures legalizing medical marijuanaraising the minimum wageProposition D, a 10-cent gas tax and a bingo amendment.
On Election Day, local voters will also be weighing Proposition Z, a 1/8 of a cent sales tax to fund a new satellite location of the St. Louis Zoo; a ”parks protection amendment” to the St. Louis County Charter along with other county Charter amendments and a partial countywide smoking ban in casinos. Sunset Hills and Fenton residents will also consider an 18-cent tax hike for the Fenton Fire Protection District.
For questionnaires we’ll start at the bottom of the ballot and work our way up to the federal races, in ballot order. To find your polling place and a sample ballot, click here.
The Call’s endorsements for Missouri House seats are here and Missouri constitutional amendments and statewide propositions here, along with statewide and St. Louis County races here.
Crestwood Mayor 
Neil Brown vs. Christopher Court vs. Grant Mabie and their forum

St. Louis County Council, 3rd District
Tim Fitch (R) vs. Paul Ward (D)

St. Louis County Assessor
Jake Zimmerman (D) vs. Dan Hyatt (R) vs. Jeff Coleman (L)

St. Louis County Executive
Paul Berry III (R) vs. Steve Stenger (D) vs.
Nick Kasoff (L) vs. Andrew Ostrowski (C)

91st Missouri House District
Sarah Unsicker (D) vs. Jennifer Bird (R)

92nd Missouri House District
Doug Beck (D) vs. Bill Heisse (R) and their forum

94th Missouri House District
Jim Murphy (R) vs. Jean Pretto (D) and their forum

95th Missouri House District
Michael O’Donnell (R) vs. Mike Walter (D) and their forum

96th Missouri House District
David Gregory (R) vs. Erica Hoffman (D) and their forum

97th Missouri House District
Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R) vs. Mike Revis (D)

U.S. Congress
Cort VanOstran (D) vs. Ann Wagner (R)

U.S. Senate
Japheth Campbell (L) vs. Jo Crain (G) vs. John Hawley (R) vs. Craig O’Dear (R) vs. Claire McCaskill (D)