Bill would prevent legislative walkouts like those in Wisconsin and Indiana

In response to the continued absence of Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin and Indiana, Missouri lawmakers introduced an amendment to the state constitution that would discourage legislative walkouts.

Central Missouri Republican Representative Sandy Crawford is a sponsor of the legislation.

“I think this is just a precaution and I think we just need to have it for future purposes,” Crawford said.

On the other side, Democrats contended the proposed amendment is meaningless because the Missouri legislature can hold session as long as there is a majority of lawmakers present.

Democratic state Rep. Jean Peters-Baker contended walkouts aren’t an issue in Missouri.

“It’s irrelevant because it’s not what we were sent here to do. It’s not to create jobs, it’s not to balance our budget, we are doing none of that with this resolution,” she said.

Even if every Democrat walked out of the Missouri legislature, business could go on as usual, Peters-Baker said.

– Missouri Digital News