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April 2 hearing slated on QT proposed for commuter lot

Nolan tells Call flier contains ‘bad information’ on proposal

The Sunset Hills Planning and Zoning Commission will conduct a public hearing next month on a proposal to construct a convenience store with gas pumps at the east commuter lot at Kennerly and Weber Hill roads formerly owned by the Missouri Department of Transportation.

The public hearing on QuikTrip’s proposal will take place at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 2, in the gymnasium of the Community Center, 3915 S. Lindbergh Blvd.

City officials received QuikTrip’s proposal last week for the 5,773-square-foot convenience store with eight, single per island, dual-faced gasoline pumps. Based on their preliminary review of the proposal, city officials say there is no plan to cut off Weber Hill as an access route between Highway 30 and Kennerly.

QuikTrip’s proposal will require a map amendment for the newly created parcel of property — taken from Missouri Department of Transportation right of way for Highway 30 and Interstate 270 — to become a PD-LC-B zoned lot, according to city officials. The request also would require a conditional-use permit for gas station use, which includes additional criteria of a motor-vehicle-oriented business.

Furthermore, QuikTrip has requested two variances that would be considered by the city’s Board of Adjustment, possibly on April 24, depending on the Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation.

Mayor Bill Nolan told the Call he took exception with a flier being circulated with his photograph that contains inaccurate information about QuikTrip’s proposal.

“… First off, the people who did that never talked to me. Nobody ever contacted me, and we can’t find anybody at City Hall those people ever contacted …,” he said. “They put my picture on this thing, and then they published a whole bunch of bad information with that …”

The flier, which contains no contact information, states the proposal “has a high potential of closing access from Gravois to Kennerly,” and would result in the “loss of two highly used and beneficial commuter parking lots.”

Neither statement is true, Nolan said, noting access on Weber Hill from Gravois to Kennerly would not be closed and a new commuter parking lot would be built at Rahning Road and Highway 30.

As reported in July 2012 by the Call, the Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance approving a cooperation agreement between the city and the Sansone Group for public improvements and development rights of the easternmost commuter parking lot. The duration of the cooperation pact was 18 months.

In December, aldermen voted unanimously to extend the agreement with Sansone until Jan. 10, 2015. City Attorney Robert E. Jones told the board in January that the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approved the sale of the commuter lots to Sansone. The 2.86 acres at the intersection of Weber Hill and Old Gravois were sold for $1,031,580 and a new 9.5-acre commuter lot.

“… Sansone and MoDOT have an agreement whereby Sansone has acquired the property at Rahning and Highway 30, down at the bottom of the hill, the southeast corner, and they’re going to put in a brand-new commuter parking lot …,” Nolan said. “MoDOT is going to get some cash and a brand-new commuter lot in exchange for the two lots up front — but only the lots.

“The road’s going to stay between them …”

As proposed, QuikTrip would buy the east commuter lot from Sansone, according to Nolan. At this point, the mayor doesn’t know what is proposed for the west lot.

” … I’m sure they have people talking to them about it (the west lot) …,” he said.

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