Advancing lacrosse in the St. Louis area

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

The St. Louis chapter of USA Lacrosse is an organization dedicated to promoting the sport in the area and features members with backgrounds in all age groups in both men’s and women’s lacrosse.

The chapter is a non-profit organization that focuses on raising funds for coaching clinics, senior all-star games and collegiate events in the area.

Chapter Secretary Jackie Stevens, also the varsity lacrosse coach at Lindbergh High School, said USA Lacrosse as an organization has changed in the past five years, and the St. Louis chapter is one of the few remaining with an active executive board who consistently puts on events and activities. As a non-profit, the organization is responsible for raising funds and one of its largest fundraisers is planned for March 5. The event is a trivia night at the Kirkwood Community Center and more information can be found on the chapters website. Any money raised goes back into event planning and sponsoring.

One of the largest activities the board sponsors are the senior all-star games, where seniors from local high schools are nominated to play.

The executive board features several certified lacrosse trainers, which prompted the chapter to plan and host clinics for players and coaches in areas where lacrosse isn’t as popular as other sports. Keith Brisotti has been the coach development program coordinator for the chapter for the past 12 years and he said the coach clinics are helpful for all experience levels.

“The clinics are for maybe a parent who got roped into coaching their child’s team, all the way up to a Division 1 or 2 player who may know the sport but may not know how to teach,” Brisotti said. “They’re teaching you about the game, but they are also teaching you how to teach the game.”

Brisotti is a clinician through the main USA Lacrosse organization, so he is able to get the clinics coordinated because he works directly with the organization. The clinics feature three levels of teaching — level one focuses on the individual players, level two is about team strategy and level three focuses on advanced strategies for more experienced coaches.

The chapter also maintains a hall of fame honoring local coaches and players.