A look back: Sperreng students create mural celebrating Lindbergh Class of 2020


Sperreng Middle eighth-graders in 2016, who later became part of the Lindbergh High Class of 2020, create tiles in 2016 to commemorate their time at the schools.

Although the Lindbergh Class of 2020 missed out on year-end activities in their senior year at Lindbergh High in the spring, they are still being remembered for their time at Sperreng Middle School with a mural they created there as eighth graders.

A student-created mural decorates one of the Sperreng’s main stairwells, honoring the Class of 2020. The class members created the mural in 2016.

The students etched designs on more than 200 unique tiles during now-retired teacher Becky Hunt’s art class. The designs include monograms, sports logos, instruments, quotes and other images representing the eighth-grade students and their interests.

Hunt fired the tiles and assembled them into a large, colorful work of art, which hangs in the stairwell located just inside the school’s main entrance.

It was the first year for such a project, but Hunt said at the time that she planned to continue with future eighth-grade classes as a way of remembering students and celebrating their time at Sperreng.

See photos of the mural and the students who created it below: