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Metro resumes most pre-pandemic bus routes in Missouri as of March 15

Metro Transit is rolling out a new design for buses, as seen above, which will be slowly rolled out across the fleet as buses come in for maintenance.

Metro Transit will make adjustments to 45 bus routes in Missouri and Illinois Monday, March 15, as part of a quarterly service change. These adjustments will increase service frequency for many MetroBus routes, including 10 routes returning to 15-minute weekday daytime service, and will create better MetroLink and MetroBus connections.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Metro made several changes to transit services over the last 12 months to “maintain safe operations while matching available resources to ridership needs,” operator Bi-State Development Agency said in a news release Monday.

With new safety measures in place, including innovations in vehicle cleaning and disinfecting, Metro said it is now able to safely resume pre-pandemic weekday service on most MetroBus routes in Missouri. Regular service was previously restored on Illinois MetroBus routes.

Under federal law, face coverings are required at all times on Metro Transit, and passengers are encouraged to maintain social distancing and follow other guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control when riding the system.

All Metro Transit customers are encouraged to check, Transit app or contact Metro Transit Information for updated schedule and route information. Metro Transit Information is available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 314-207-9786 (text) or 314-231-2345 (phone).

New schedules and route information for the March 15 service change are available on the Upcoming Schedule Changes page of the Metro Transit website at

March 15 Service Change – MetroBus Routes | Schedule Adjustments

MetroBus routes affected in South County are listed first:

#9 Oakville

#21 Watson Road

#46 Tesson Ferry

#49 Lindbergh

#56 Kirkwood-Webster


Non-South County routes:

#4 Natural Bridge

#5 Green

#8 Shaw-Cherokee

#9 Oakville

#10 Gravois-Lindell

 #11 Chippewa

 #16 City Limits

 #18 Taylor

#19 St. Louis Ave.

#30 Arsenal

#31 Chouteau

 #32 Dr. ML King

#33 Midland

#35 Rock Road

#40 N. Broadway

#41 Lee

#42 Sarah

#47 Hanley

#57 Manchester

#58 Chesterfield Valley

#60 Shepley-Lilac

#61 Chambers Rd.

#64 Lucas-Hunt

#65 Outer Forty

#71 Patterson-Redman

#73 Carondelet

#74 Florissant

#76 McDonnell-Waterford

#77 Village Square

#78 Bellefontaine

#79 Ferguson

#90 Hampton

#91 Olive

#94 Page

#95 Kingshighway

#97 Delmar

#98 Ballas-North Hanley

#174X Halls Ferry Express

March 15 Service Change – MetroBus Routes | Schedule & Route Adjustments

#100 Hazelwood

#14 Memorial Hospital-Westfield Plaza (IL)

#12X MetroLink Station Shuttle (IL) – Route will be discontinued 

Metro will also be discontinuing the 12X MetroLink Shuttle on the Illinois side of the river, which runs from the Fairview Heights MetroLink to Memorial Hospital MetroLink in Belleville to the Swansea MetroLink, Belleville MetroLink, the light-rail station at Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville and the Shiloh-Scott MetroLink.

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