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2013 season ends for football Flyers

Lindbergh falls to Eureka in second week of playoffs

The 2013 season came to an end in week 11 for the Lindbergh High School varsity football team Friday night.

The Flyers fell to the Eureka Wildcats 38-14 in their second playoff game in the 2013 campaign.

Lindbergh head coach Tom Beauchamp told the Call that the game was in reach for his squad until near the end of the third quarter.

“We just turned the ball over too much late,” he said. “… We had four turnovers and then we had an episode where we had some bad snaps and it just cost us, but up until then we were playing pretty good football.

“Looking back at it, we gave them the ball back like four times inside the 30. You just can’t do that against a good team and expect to win, but we held our own. Up until late in the third quarter, it was 21-14, so I felt pretty decent about that.”

“The kids played pretty hard against a pretty good team. So it’s one of those things you look back at (and) you wish you could do things different, but you can’t change things,” Beauchamp added.

Both teams scored a touchdown in the first quarter. Eureka scored first and Lindbergh’s Garett Krueger answered quickly.

But Eureka carried in two more touchdowns in the second quarter, sending the teams into halftime with the Wildcats in control with a 21-7 lead over the Flyers.

Carl Lovely scored early in the third quarter for the Flyers to make it 21-7, but Eureka ran a way with it after that.

While the Flyers ended up 5-6 on the year, the outcome easily could have been different, Beauchamp said.

“It wasn’t a bad season. We lost some really close games,” he said. “You start looking at a couple points here and there (and) you end up having, instead of being a 5-6 year, you end up having an 8-3 year.

“It’s really one of those things where you look back at it and wish we could have changed some things, but we ended up having a lot of injuries during the season and I think that played a big factor in what we could do.

“The good thing is we got a lot of players with a lot of youth that got a lot of playing time … And again, the kids played real hard all year long. They worked and never gave up. They never looked back. They just pushed in every game and tried to make it their best.”

Flyer fans know that the Class of 2014 yielded some special talent on the football field over the last couple years and Beauchamp had nothing but praise for his seniors.

“… Of course, it’s always hard to replace a senior class. You hope to, but there’s a lot of talent there,” he said. “They’re good kids and they’re one of those classes you really hate to see go because they are so classy. The whole group of them were classy.

“We didn’t have any off-the-field incidents. We didn’t have any issues. We didn’t have to worry about grades. They are just a class group of individuals.”

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