Two leave Civil Service Board for other panels

Two members of Crestwood’s Civil Service Board recently left that group to serve on other commissions.

The Board of Aldermen earlier this month appointed Steve Knarr to the Planning and Zoning Commission and late last month appointed Kevin King to serve on the Sappington Square Community Improvement District Board of Directors.

Knarr and King previously served on the Civil Service Board with Chair Carol Wagner.

Knarr, a former Ward 2 alderman, served on the Planning and Zoning Commission from 2002 to 2007. He now will replace Bob Triplett as the group’s architectural representative.

King is the general counsel for Pulaski Bank, which was the lender for Sappington Square until it foreclosed on the retail center and bought the property at a public auction in December.

King, Crestwood Public Works Director Dzenana Mruckovski and City Administrator Jim Eckrich each will serve three-year terms on the Sappington Square CID board. Mayor Roy Robinson and Don Meyer each will serve one-year terms.