Trustees discuss regulating outdoor structures


By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

In anticipation of a plan in Grantwood Village for an outdoor structure, the Board of Trustees is considering an ordinance to regulate the dimensions, distances and materials of future structures.

The ordinance may help the village avoid court in the near future by giving specific outlines for property owners. 

Village Attorney Michael Vogt said the discussion should boil down to putting specific dimensions, distances and material rules in place. 

Kurt Voss, building commissioner, said the board should also think about where distances will start and end.

“What do we say as far as distance to the structure? Starting or ending from the house, or do we say the structure can’t end more than halfway between the property line and your house,” Voss asked.

Voss said when discussing materials, tents in people’s yards should be avoided, as opposed to more permanent structures.

Treasurer Pat Williams said she would like to see the structures kept close to houses to avoid bothering neighbors. 

“It should almost be an extension of someone’s house,” Williams said.