Sunset Hills city collector to serve on finance panel

Approved measure expands city collector’s responsibilities

By Staff Report

An ordinance adding the city collector to the Sunset Hills Finance Committee was approved last week by the Board of Aldermen.

Aldermen also voted June 12 to approve Mayor Bill Nolan’s appointment of resident Mike Hogan to serve on the Finance Committee. Hogan replaces Mike Sawicki, who was elected city collector in April.

Sawicki previously was a resident member of the Finance Committee.

Hogan will serve the remainder of Sawicki’s term, roughly 30 months.

The Finance Committee recently voted to recommend aldermen consider adding the city collector to the panel’s membership.

The five-member Finance Committee was comprised of two aldermen and three residents. Members recommended the committee be comprised of two aldermen, the city collector and three residents.

The approved ordinance also expands the city collector’s duties and redefines the qualifications for the citizen members of the Finance Committee.

The city collector currently is required to file an annual report with the Board of Aldermen in February. Under the approved ordinance, the city collector now will be required to “report monthly the uncollected business license and other revenue sources.”

The approved ordinance states the three citizen members, as a group, should possess the combined skill set to be regarded as “financially literate” as determined by the following attributes:

• An understanding of generally accepted accounting principles and financial statements.

• Experience in preparing, auditing, analyzing or evaluating financial statements.

• An understanding of internal controls and procedures for financial reporting.

• A basic understanding of investments.

In addition, the ordinance stipulates to qualify as “financially literate,” a person must have acquired one or more of the following:

• Education and experience as a financial and/or accounting officer, comptroller, certified public accountant, auditor or other related experience.

• Supervisory experience as a principal financial, accounting, auditing or other related function.