Stormwater ordinance tabled for mayor’s input


By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

An ordinance in Crestwood which could help address stormwater concerns was tabled March 22 by the Board of Aldermen.

Mayor Grant Mabie was absent, so the ordinance was postponed to allow him to provide input at a future meeting.

The ordinance changes the city’s definition of impervious cover to anything manmade including, but not limited to, “rooftops, buildings, streets, roads, decks, swimming pools and any concrete or asphalt.”

Lot coverage would include all impervious cover, and measurements will be made either at ground level or the first 4 feet of a roof overhang, depending on which is greater. Maximum lot coverage will also increase to 50 percent for all residential areas. 

The proposal has gone through many iterations in planning commission meetings, and the commission finally settled on the wording up for consideration by the aldermen in early March. 

The board was scheduled to meet April 12 — after The Call went to press.