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South county incumbents prevail Nov. 8

South county incumbents prevail Nov. 8

Four south county incumbents seeking re-election to the Missouri Senate and House prevailed in last week’s election.

Here are the unofficial results of the Nov. 8 election:

Missouri Senate

Incumbent Scott Sifton, D-Crestwood, won re-election to his 1st District Senate seat, prevailing over Republican Dr. Randy Jotte, a former member of the Webster Groves City Council.

Sifton was elected to the Missouri House in 2010 and the state Senate in 2012. He served on the Affton Board of Education from 2001 to 2010.

Sifton received 48,348 votes — 53 percent — while Jotte tallied 42,772 votes — 46.9 percent.

In the race for the 15th District Senate seat, Rep. Andrew Koenig, R-Manchester, defeated Kirkwood Democrat Stephen Eagleton.

Koenig garnered 62,094 votes — 60.96 percent — and Eagleton garnered 39,645 votes — 38.92 percent.

Missouri House

Democrat Sarah Unsicker of Shrewsbury bested Republican Greg Mueller, a member of the Webster Groves City Council, for the District 91 House seat being vacated by Jeanne Kirkton, D-Webster Groves, due to term limits.

Unsicker received 11,773 votes — 56.31 percent — and Mueller tallied 9,116 votes — 43.6 percent.

The race for the 92nd District House seat being vacated by Genise Montecillo, D-Marlborough, pitted two Affton residents against each other with Democrat Doug Beck prevailing over Republican Daniel Bogle.

Beck, who also serves on the Affton Board of Education, garnered 9,635 votes — 52.25 percent — while Bogle received 8,781 votes — 47.62 percent.

In the 93rd District House race, incumbent Bob Burns, D-south county, was the victor over Republican Landry Sorbel of Lemay.

Burns has served in the House since 2012. He also served as an alderman from 1982 to 1984 for the city of St. George, which since has disincorporated, and on the Affton Board of Education from 1984 to 1996.

Burns garnered 7,286 votes — 62.32 percent — and Sorbel received 4,393 votes — 37.58 percent.

In the 94th District House election, in-cumbent Cloria Brown, R-Lemay, beat back a challenge from former Rep. Vicki Lorenz Englund, D-Green Park.

Brown tallied 8,882 votes — 51.1 percent — and Englund received 8,484 votes — 48.81 percent.

Brown and Englund, who also serves on the Lindbergh Board of Education, have been squaring off against each other in Missouri House elections since 2008 when Englund was elected to the District 85 seat by defeating Brown.

In 2010, Brown defeated Englund for the District 85 seat. Englund defeated Brown in 2012 to win election in the newly re-drawn 94th District. Two years ago, Brown defeated Englund to win election to the 94th District seat.

Incumbent Marsha Haefner, R-Oakville, handily defeated Democratic challenger Glenn Koenen of Oakville to win re-election to the District 95 House seat.

Haefner first was elected to the House in 2010.

Haefner garnered 12,694 votes — 62.93 percent — while Koenen received 7,467 votes — 37.01 percent.

Republican David Gregory of Sunset Hills was unopposed for election to the District 96 House seat being vacated by Rep. Mike Leara, R-Concord, due to term limits.

Gregory was unopposed after besting fellow Republican Dan Reuter of Concord in the August primary.

Gregory tallied 17,956 votes last week — 97.71 percent.

Proposition S

County voters defeated Proposition S, a countywide 5-cent tax-rate increase to fund services for senior citizens.

Proposition S received 236,439 “yes” votes — 48.64 percent — and 249,678 “no” votes — 51.36 percent.


Crestwood voters approved three amendments to the city Charter.

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