Shared parking lot approved for redesign

BriteWorX and Sherwin Williams agree to share lot


Photo by Erin Achenbach

The BriteWorX location in Columbia, Illinois.

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

The parking lot at 9846 Watson Road — shared by BriteWorx and Sherwin Williams — was approved for a redesign Aug. 4 to allow delivery trucks and other traffic to safely enter the parking lot. 

The plan was unanimously approved by the Crestwood Planning Commission.

The plan is part of a deal between the two businesses to share the property line, giving better access to the Sherwin Williams delivery trucks. It includes three changes — moving existing ingress and egress lanes to the east, on the property line, adding a new right turn ingress to the west and redesigning the parking lot and landscaping to fit the design.

Kevin Kamp, representative for BriteWorX, said the plan had always been to share the lot, but it wasn’t equipped to handle deliveries during BriteWorX construction and trucks were forced to run over the curbs.

“There were concerns from Sherwin Williams about how to accommodate the trucks that had been running over the curb behind the Sweet Tomatoes that had been closed when they switched their delivery methods,” Kamp said. 

Kamp said the BriteWorX owner came up with this new agreement that gives better access to everyone involved. He said the new access points have been set to allow fire trucks better access.

The new agreement has both businesses sharing maintenance responsibilities. 

Earlier in the meeting BriteWorX was approved for a nine-month extension to acquire an occupancy permit, citing delivery issues related to COVID.