School board hears second presentation on going paperless

School board takes no votes regarding paperless meetings

By Kari Williams

Intelligent Meeting Management, a paperless meeting management system, looked to add the Mehlville School District to its client list at last week’s board meeting.

Chris Winter of Intelligent Meeting Management, or IQM2, presented his company’s system to the board, which has three components to it — MinuteTraq, MediaTraq and eBoardroom.

In his presentation, Winter told the board MinuteTraq would cost $950 per month.

“For your size organization, it’s actually more than ($950); it’s around $1,100,” Winter said, “but I knocked it down for a couple reasons, strategic at this point. There is no upfront cost. This is just a monthly fee. There’s unlimited meeting groups, unlimited users …”

MediaTraq would cost $690 and eBoardroom would cost $690.

MinuteTraq manages meeting minutes, board documents and has a review process. MediaTraq is a video streaming and webcasting addition that interacts with MinuteTraq and has the ability to “timestamp videos based on the agenda items,” Winter said.

Electronic voting can be done with eBoardroom.

The IQM2 system is designed to look similar to Microsoft Office, Winter said, and it also has the ability to link items to projects.

“If you have multiple items that are going to go onto the agenda in different meetings that all relate to a particular project, you can link all those agenda items together to be viewable and analyzed and play off of each other,” Winter said.

The system also keeps a “complete history of where everything is at all times,” he said.

“Everything is fully searchable,” Winter said. “That’s including attachments as well. We will also take any of your previous agendas, make them searchable and put them into the system for you at no cost …”

Individual board members also would have the ability to log in to the system, preview agenda items and include “personal sticky notes,” according to Winter.

“There is also a registration piece on the citizen web portal, which will allow the citizens to come in, register and get notified when the agenda is ready upon you submitting a distribution list …,” Winter said.

He said IQM2 hosts and backs up everything, and the district would be able to back up its information as well.

When board member Mark Stoner asked Winter how end users are trained, Winter said the training process varies, but a representative would probably be sent to the district for four days, along with additional training.

“We would also do approximately five weeks of three, 45-minute sessions per week with your core users,” he said.

IQM2 also has 24/7 support, for which there is no additional charge, according to Winter.

The board took no votes regarding switching to paperless meetings. BoardDocs presented its paperless format to the board in June.