Proposition L supporters raise $27,000 for successful tax hike

Dooley, Corrigan campaigns combined raise $4.3 million

By Evan Young

Supporters of Lindbergh Schools’ successful 65-cent tax-rate increase proposal, Proposition L, amassed more than $27,000 in contributions this fall, according to a recent post-election campaign committee report.

The Yes for Prop L committee reported $2,740 in contributions and $13,279.45 in expenditures for the period of Oct. 22 through Nov. 30. The Lindbergh committee overall raised $27,246.23 and spent $26,043.20, with $1,203.03 cash on hand.

Campaign committees are required by state law to file finance reports no later than 30 days after an election. The Yes for Prop L report, filed Nov. 30, shows the committee received post-Nov. 2 election contributions from the National Education Association, $305; the Early Childhood Education Foundation, $200; and the Sperreng Middle School PTO, $2,000.

Among the committee’s expenses during the period: $9,542.49 to Postcard Deals for printing and postage; $2,135 to Printing by GeneDel for printing; $1,039.20 to Call Newspapers for an advertisement and $531.96 to Lindbergh Schools for printing and copies.

The Mehlville Community Taxpayers Association, the group that opposed the Mehlville School District’s unsuccessful 88-cent tax-rate increase proposal — Proposition C — reported $365 in contributions and $1,752 in expenses for the period of Oct. 21 through Nov. 29.

Overall the MCTA raised $1,752 and spent $1,749.44, with $5.56 cash on hand. The report, filed Nov. 29, states the MCTA received $300 from contributors giving $100 or less. Of that amount, $65 came from anonymous contributors giving $25 or less.

The MCTA paid $590.05 to Communication Strategies in Clayton for robo-calls. It spent $75 for a security guard at a recent group meeting and $24.50 for check printing.

The St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners said last week it had yet to receive a post-election report from the Committee to Restore the Pride, the group that advocated for the passage of Mehlville’s Prop C.

Reached on Dec. 23, Restore the Pride Treasurer Jack Jordan said the committee was still working on its 30-day-after report but added that it was “almost finished.”

Last month’s county executive election capped what had become a multimillion dollar race.

Combined, Democrat Charlie Dooley, who was re-elected, and Republican challenger Bill Corrigan raised more than $4.3 million during the election period. Together their campaigns spent roughly $4 million.

Dooley in his post-election report said he raised $144,903.40 and spent $191,489.85 from Oct. 22 through Nov. 27.

Overall the Dooley campaign raised $2,648,901.19 and spent $2,435,355.03 toward his re-election, with $37,141.68 cash on hand.

Corrigan’s campaign reported $191,810 in contributions and $275,713.52 in expenditures from Oct. 22 through Nov. 27.

Overall Corrigan raised $1,656,013.69 and spent $1,560,896.30 in his bid for the county’s top position. He reported having no remaining cash on hand.