Parents in Mehlville prefer half day in April over June 2

In survey, 92.6 percent say April 18 preferable

By Gloria Lloyd

With the school year extending into June due to snow days, Mehlville School District Superintendent Eric Knost sent surveys to parents last week asking if they would prefer their children attend a half day of school on April 18, Good Friday, instead of June 2.

The currently scheduled half day of school on Monday, June 2, poses a problem because it is after high school graduations the previous weekend.

“Our attendance is going to be horrendous (on June 2), because it’s after graduation,” Knost told the Call. “We definitely won’t have a thousand seniors.”

When survey results closed over the weekend, the district had received 4,677 responses from parents, out of 9,000 surveys emailed. Of those, 4,330, or 92.6 percent, said they preferred their children go to school Good Friday over the June date.

The Board of Education was scheduled to meet Tuesday night — after the Call went to press — and Knost said he would present the survey results so the board could consider approval of the proposed calendar change.

District officials did not consider extending the school year into spring break, since in the past when that has been broached, parents have strenuously objected due to previous plans made for that week.

Mehlville teachers are already scheduled to be in school on Good Friday for an in-service day.