New Sunset Hills Ward 4 alderman wants to ‘protect community,’ address speeding concerns

Hof has been a resident of Sunset Hills for six years


Photo by Lindsay Hof

New Ward 4 Alderman Lindsay Hof and her two children.

By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

Sunset Hills has one new alderman after the April 5 election — Lindsay Hof is taking over as Ward 4 alderman after former alderman Thompson Price did not seek reelection. Price had served as alderman since 2016. 

Hof had a challenge on election day from write-in candidate Mike Svoboda, a member of the Sunset Hills Planning and Zoning Commission. She defeated Svoboda with 437 votes over Svoboda’s 108 votes, or 80.18 percent to 19.82 percent.  

Hof has been a hairstylist for 16 years and is the owner of the Speakeasy Salon in Sunset Hills. She said her career will give her an edge when serving on the board as far as listening and understanding are concerned.

“I have a knack for talking to people, I have a knack for listening to people. I like to solve problems for people, so this is something that’s very much in my wheelhouse,” Hof said.

Hof is new to city government, but she has been considering public service since moving to the city six years ago.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. When I first moved into Sunset Hills I was a stay-at-home mom … I got to know the neighbors and understand how our city works,” Hof said. “One of the things I saw was there wasn’t anyone in my generation taking an active interest in local politics.”

She said running for alderman was always in her “five-year plan,” but she wanted to wait until her two kids could be a little more independent. Hof is just one year behind on her plan now, but she said this year was a “perfect opportunity” for her to step up.

As a resident on Weber Hill Road, Hof said her first priority will be to address speeding in the city. She said it can be a contentious subject, but she would like to avoid adding traffic generators like cluster homes in areas where speeding is already a concern. 

“For us as a community … we need to make sure we’re protecting our community and our residents,” Hof said. “I walk my dog everyday and I have people almost running me over everyday.”

Hof said the past proposed rugby lease in Bander Park would have worsened traffic issues and taken away an important leisure area for the city.

The other competitive race in Sunset Hills featured incumbent Pat Fribis against Ward 2 Alderman Christine Lieber for the position of mayor. Fribis ultimately deafted Lieber in the April 5 election. 

Hof said she doesn’t believe the city is moving in a good direction under Fribis, and her interactions with Lieber and other aldermen have helped reaffirm her position.

“I don’t think the administration is being run the way it could be. With the members of the board I have spoken with, watching them support Christine Lieber and how much Christine has come and reached out to me for any help I’ve needed … Those are big things to me,” Hof said.

Hof said the rugby lease should’ve been handled differently by Fribis.

“Without having all the aldermen there for the vote, without having the full details and proceeding with the lease was really uncalled for, especially knowing how many homes would be impacted by the increased traffic,” Hof said.

Recently, the city approved the amended development plan for a Bass Pro Shop at 3600 S. Lindbergh Blvd. Hof said the development is great for the city, and she expects a lot of businesses to move in as a result of the store’s opening. 

Other positives of the city, according to Hof, include the influx of community events like SunCrest Fest. She said families can feel like they don’t have to travel to other cities to find fun events since they are “right here in our backyard.”