Lindbergh Garden Tour scheduled May 23

The Lindbergh High School Mothers’ Club will sponsor its annual Garden Tour Friday, May 23.

In the hectic, end-of-the-school-year rush, the garden tour will provide an en-joyable day of relaxation and fun, according to a district news release.

Six outstanding gardens in the Lindbergh School District will be featured. The tour runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and includes the six gardens, a box lunch at Lindbergh High School’s Armistead Garden and a garden boutique and plant sale.

Tickets cost $18 with proceeds benefiting Lindbergh High School. Tickets may be purchased from Mary Vogel by calling (314) 842-7639.

Gardeners at one of the featured gardens are members of the Greater St. Louis Day-lily Society and the West County Daylily Club. Their three-quarter-acre lot features well-planned beds where trees and colors create an impressive impact.

The lower garden features a hand-laid brick patio and large pond and waterfall.

An elegant crane fountain circled with liriope is the focal point at one of the formal gardens. The vast yard features kousa dogwood trees and a patio area.

Gardeners at another garden are instrumental members of Gateway Greening, an organization started in the city of St. Louis devoted to collecting and sharing plants with gardeners and garden clubs for the beautification of city and county gardens.

A profusion of perennials, statuary and water features are in the front garden, while a pond and waterfall are tucked be-side the porch.

Another garden features a lot framed with trees that are connected by narrow beds of hostas, daylilies, fountain grass and evergreens. This gardener is also a member of the St. Louis Hosta Society and the Greater St. Louis Daylily Society.

Multiple gardens are featured at another stop on the tour. While some are structured with fences and raised beds, the garden also features a monkey tree, free-flowing rose garden, trimmed yews and spruces, yucca, crepe myrtle and a tamorax tree.

The final garden on the tour features a myriad of perennials and bushes, climbing hydrangea, and a 40-year-old white gardenia bush.

Whimsical statuary and a collection of birdhouses, as well as a waterfall and pond are unique features.