Incumbents prevail in majority of races

Though many Republican candidates nationwide were ousted in last week’s elections, that trend didn’t appear to impact many local races with perhaps the exception of the 5th District County Council seat.

In that race, Rep. Barbara Fraser, D-University City, defeated current County Council Chairman Kurt Odenwald, R-Shrewsbury, who has held the 5th District seat since 1990.

Here are the unofficial results for contested races in the Nov. 7 election:


County Executive

Democratic incumbent Charlie Dooley cruised to a victory over Republican challenger Joe Passanise and Libertarian Theo “Ted” Brown. This will be Dooley’s first four-year term as county executive. He was elected in November 2004 to serve the remaining two years of the late Buzz Westfall’s term as county executive.

Dooley received 260,119 votes — 67.22 percent — while Passanise garnered 120,050 votes — 31.02 percent — and Brown obtained 6,798 votes — 1.76 percent.

3rd District County Council

Town and Country Ward 1 Alderman Colleen Wasinger, a Republican, defeated Democrat Kathleen “Kathy” Schweitzer in the race for the 3rd District County Council seat being vacated by Republican Skip Mange, who has served on the council since 2002.

Wasinger received 36,168 votes — 55.48 percent — while Schweitzer garnered 29,101 votes — 44.52 percent.

5th District County Council

Fraser received 33,168 votes — 53.8 percent — while Odenwald obtained 28,479 votes — 46.2 percent. With Fraser’s victory, the council will have a Democratic majority for the first time since 2000.

In other County Council races, Democratic incumbent Hazel Erby was unopposed in her re-election bid for the District 1 seat, while Republican incumbent Greg Quinn defeated Democrat Steven Biggs for the District 7 seat.


85th District

Republican incumbent Jim Lembke of Lemay defeated Democrat Bob Burns of Affton to win re-election to the 85th Dis-trict Missouri House seat he’s held since 2002.

Lembke received 7,706 votes — 52.2 percent — while Burns garnered 7,047 votes — 47.8 percent.

95th District

Republican incumbent Jim Avery of Crestwood defeated Democrat Judi Parker of Sunset Hills to win re-election to the 95th District Missouri House seat he’s held since 2002.

Avery received 10,228 votes — 60.2 percent — while Parker obtained 6,748 votes — 39.8 percent.

96th District

Democratic incumbent Patricia “Pat” Yaeger of Lemay defeated Republican Ron Levy of Affton to win re-election to the 96th District Missouri House seat she’s held since 2002.

Yaeger received 7,958 votes — 68.9 percent — while Levy garnered 3,590 votes — 31.1 percent.

97th District

Republican incumbent Walt Bivins of Oakville defeated Democrat Thomas C. Knowles II of Oakville to win re-election to the 97th District Missouri House seat he’s held since 2002.

Bivins received 9,321 votes — 62.2 percent — while Knowles obtained 5,670 votes — 37.8 percent.

In other state representative races in the Call’s circulation area, Rep. Michael Vogt, D-Affton, was unopposed in his re-election bid for the 66th District Missouri House seat, as was Rep. Sue Schoemehl, D-Oakville, in her re-election bid for the 100th District Missouri House seat. The two have held their respective seats since 2002.


U.S. Senate

In a race that captured nationwide attention, Missouri Auditor Claire McCaskill, a Democrat from Kirkwood, defeated Republican incumbent Jim Talent of Chesterfield for the U.S. Senate.

McCaskill received 1,047,278 votes — 49.5 percent — while Talent obtained 1,001,442 votes — 47.4 percent.

Libertarian Frank Gilmour garnered 47,515 votes — 2.2 percent — and Lydia Lewis of the Progressive Party Missouri, an affiliate of the Green Party of the United States, received 18,279 votes — 0.9 percent.

2nd Congressional District

Republican incumbent Todd Akin of St. Louis defeated Democrat George D. Weber of Eureka and Libertarian Tamara A. Millay of St. Louis to win re-election to the 2nd Congressional District seat he’s held since 2000.

Akin received 175,592 votes — 61.4 percent — while Weber garnered 104,646 votes — 36.6 percent — and Millay obtained 5,869 votes — 2.1 percent.

3rd Congressional District

Democratic incumbent Russ Carnahan of St. Louis defeated three candidates — Republican David Bertelsen of Oakville, Libertarian R. Christophel of St. Louis and Lemay resident David Sladky of the Progressive Party — to win re-election to the 3rd Congressional District seat he’s held since 2004.

Carnahan received 143,934 votes — 65.5 percent — while Bertelsen garnered 69,747 votes — 31.8 percent. Christophel obtained 4,166 votes — 1.9 percent — and Sladky had 1,807 votes — 0.8 percent.