Hendricks outlines mission, vision statements for Mehlville fire district

Association honors fire district for 2012 financial statements

By Mike Anthony

Chief Brian Hendricks outlined mission and vision statements for the Mehlville Fire Protection District during a Board of Directors meeting last week.

“… At the end of 2013, the administrative staff engaged in some continuing education, some leadership training, some team-building exercises. We felt it important to draft a mission statement and vision statement for the district …,” Hendricks told the board at its March 5 meeting.

The mission statement reads: “Mehlville Fire Protection District is committed to ensure that the community will receive the highest level of life and property protection through quick, professional and efficient responses dedicated to the best possible outcome.”

The vision statement reads: “Mehlville Fire Protection District is focused on providing professional, progressive and efficient emergency services. We are recognized by our leaders, peers and the community for excellence in delivering the best service in a fiscally responsible manner.”

Regarding the statements, Hendricks said, “(These were) drafted with the hard work and dedication of our assistant chiefs, our deputies, as well as a core group of people from the rank and file. So it was quite a feat. It did take awhile …”

Anyone who reads the statements “will know exactly what the Mehlville Fire Protection District is about, and what we strive for every day …,” he said.

The chief also outlined a new program the district has initiated.

“… We started a Make a Difference Today program,” Hendricks said. “In doing that, what we’ve done is we’ve posted a plaque on each door leading to the engine houses, asking our employees to ‘Make a Difference Today’ … It’s a community-outreach program as well.”

Besides asking employees to Make a Difference Today, the plaque includes the new mission and vision statements.

“We’re going to begin the process of gathering data to recognize our employees on a biannual basis for the great job that they do with the hope that every day they’re … making a difference in people’s lives every day that they show up to work.”

In addition, the district will extend the program to the public.

“… So as our crews and our deputies are on the street and we see a taxpayer go above and beyond or if they have made a difference in the life of a fellow taxpayer, we’re going to ask that taxpayer to either come to a board meeting or come to a small get-together at the district for them to be acknowledged …”

In a separate matter, Chief Financial Officer Brian Bond informed the board that the district earned a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association for its 2012 financial statements. This is the 15th consecutive year the district has received this recognition.

“… This is the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting, and (I) just wanted to keep the board aware of the fact that we have received this,” he said. “This is an ongoing accomplishment that we have, and it certainly reflects that we have maintained a high level of excellence in our financial reporting, in conjunction with our audit firm …”

In a related matter, the board voted unanimously to approve a three-year contract extension with the district’s longtime audit firm, Hochschild, Bloom & Co. The contract is for the fiscal years ending Dec. 31, 2013; Dec. 31, 2014; and Dec. 31, 2015.

“… The bottom line on the extension is that they are proposing a flat fee not to exceed $16,000 for each of the three years,” Bond said. “So there will be no increase for the next three years. That is the amount that we budgeted for 2014 …”