Hearings set on proposed subdivisions

Oakville, Concord proposals eyed by planning panel

By Gloria Lloyd

The county Planning Commission is scheduled to hear three requests for new development in south county at its next public hearing, including proposals for new subdivisions in Oakville and Concord.

The public hearing will take place at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 18, in the County Council chambers in the Administration Building, 41 S. Central Ave., Clayton.

Pulte Homes of St. Louis LLC seeks to build a new 29.25-acre subdivision of single-family residences and is requesting a planned environment unit, or PEU, for two lots at 7676 and 7672 Fine Road, the northeast quadrant of Telegraph Road and Fine Road next to Rogers Elementary School, in an area that currently has residential R-3 and FPR-3 — or flood-plain — zoning.

At the same hearing, the county Department of Planning is requesting that the property be rezoned from its current zoning to a designation of NU, or Non-Urban, due to the expiration of approval granted for a previous subdivision that was never built.

Berra Land Co. LLC, represented by zoning attorney John King, is also requesting a PEU, for a new subdivision of 88 single-family attached residences that Berra hopes to build on five acres at 5419 Brittinger Road, at Tesson Ferry Road. The site is currently zoned R-6AA.

The planning department is requesting that the same lot be rezoned from R-6AA to R-2 zoning, since the original PEU for the property has expired.

John D. Johnson of Oakville is requesting a conditional-use permit, or CUP, for 0.74 acres in an existing C-3 Shopping District at 3545 Evergreen Lane, on the northwest quadrant of Evergreen Lane and Broken Hill Drive, roughly 275 feet east of Lemay Ferry Road, for a vehicle repair facility. The space is currently an auto-sales business.

At the planning panel’s Aug. 4 meeting, it approved a proposal from Oakville-based developer J.H. Berra and builder McBride & Son for a new 13.42-acre, 42-home subdivision of attached residences, The Villas at Suson Hills, which will span both sides of Suson Hills Drive.