Filing for April election to begin next week; Frauenhoffer, Weber won’t seek re-election


Residents interested in running for three seats on the Mehlville Board of Education in April will not be challenged by any incumbents.

Board members Drew Frauenhoffer and Erin Weber, whose seats are up for election on Tuesday, April 5, said last week they will not seek re-election.

The third board seat up for election is vacant. It formerly was held by Karl Frank Jr., who resigned last month before completing his second term. The board voted unanimously the evening of Frank’s resignation not to fill his seat until the election.

Both Frauenhoffer and Weber, who were elected in 2008, cited wanting to spend more time with their families as the reason they will not seek another term. Frauenhoffer also said he would like to focus on his consulting business.

Candidate filing opens next week for school-board seats, municipal seats and a seat on the Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Directors that are up for election April 5.

Filing will begin at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 14 and continue through 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 18.

All Mehlville school board seats carry three-year terms.

Besides the three open seats on the Mehlville Board of Education, four seats on the Lindbergh Board of Education are up for election.

Seats held by board Secretary Kathleen Kienstra, board Treasurer Mark Rudoff and member Don Bee that carry three-year terms will be up for election. Also up for election will be a seat vacated earlier this year by Janine Fabick that will carry a one-year term. Larry McIntosh currently is serving in the seat.

Missouri law states no school-board election will take place if the number of board candidates who file is equal to the number of positions to be filled by the election.

That was the case last April. In Mehlville, board Vice President Venki Palamand and Secretary Larry Felton were unopposed for re-election.

In Lindbergh, seats held by board member David Peek and Vice President Vic Lenz were up for election. Peek, Lenz and now-board member Kara Gotsch filed, but Peek later withdrew his name, leaving an equal number of candidates and open seats.

Looking at April’s municipal races, the Crestwood mayoral seat held by Roy Robinson since 2005 will be up for election. The seat carries a three-year term.

In Green Park, the mayoral seat held by Tony Konopka will be up for election. Konopka, a former alderman, has served as mayor since 2007.

Also up for election will be aldermanic seats held by Tony Pousosa of Ward 1, Tim Thuston of Ward 2 and Joe Monteleone of Ward 3.

Pousosa and Thuston have served on the board since 2007.

Monteleone was appointed to the board in September to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of longtime Alderman Mark Hayden.

All of the Green Park seats carry two-year terms.

In Sunset Hills, aldermanic seats held by Dee Baebler of Ward 1, Scott Haggerty of Ward 2, Jan Hoffmann of Ward 3 and Pat Fribis of Ward 4 are up for election. The seats carry two-year terms.

Baebler was appointed to the board in June to fill the vacant Ward 1 seat formerly held by Mayor Bill Nolan.

In Grantwood Village, seats on the Board of Trustees held by Building and Streets Commissioner Robert Bess, Village Clerk Rich Muraski and Communications Director Mike Jones are up for election.

All three were appointed earlier this year following the resignation of trustees Glenn Biffignani, Mike Boone and Bob Prebil.

The seats carry two-year terms.

In the Mehlville Fire Protection District, the Board of Directors seat held by Chairman Aaron Hilmer since 2005 is up for election April 5.

The seat carries a six-year term.

In related news, the County Council last week unanimously approved a bill calling for the election of a county assessor April 5.

Missouri voters Nov. 2 approved a measure calling for the election of the St. Louis County Assessor, previously an appointed position. County voters overwhelmingly approved a similar proposal in the Aug. 3 primary election.

The assessor elected April 5 will serve through Dec. 31, 2014. The assessor will be elected to four-year terms beginning with the November 2014 general election.

The county executive would fill a vacancy in the office subject to council approval.

Assessor candidates must be qualified voters who have lived in the county for at least two years before the election.

The county Democratic and Republican committees will select their assessor nominees. The charter amendment county voters approved in August states, “(N)ominations for election shall be made … by the committee men and women of each of the two parties casting the highest vote for governor in the 2008 election.”