Eardley leads candidates in contributions, cash spent

Missouri NEA fundraiser nets $525 for Wainz, Fedorchak

By Kari Williams

Mehlville Board of Education candidate Kathleen Eardley raised and spent the most on her campaign of all contested races in the Call’s coverage area for the Tuesday, April 3, election.

The Call went to press before Tuesday’s election. Results will be featured in next week’s issue and are available online at


Candidates who spend or raise more than $1,000 are required to file a report.

The state-required campaign finance reports were due by March 27, eight days before the election.

Eardley’s committee, Citizens for Kathleen Eardley, reported $5,273 in contributions — including a $2,000 loan from herself — and $4,696.23 in expenditures for the election. Eardley had $576.71 on hand with $2,000 in total indebtedness. Of the contributions she received, $50 came from the Committee to Elect Gary Fuhr.

A fundraiser conducted by the Missouri National Education Association for Mehlville Board of Education candidates Mike Wainz and Ron Fedorchak garnered $535.

Expenditures for the event, $171, were split evenly between Fedorchak and Wainz.

The Committee to Elect Mike Wainz for Mehlville School Board reported $670.50 in receipts and $588.09 in expenditures.

Wainz had $85 on hand and $88.09 in total indebtedness. He received $585 from people giving $100 or less and had in-kind contributions totaling $85.50.

Ron Fedorchak for Mehlville School Board had receipts totaling $745.50. He ended the reporting period with $635 on hand and $100 indebtedness. Fedorchak received an in-kind contribution of $85.50 from the Missouri NEA Political Action Committee.

Fedorchak loaned himself $100.

A fourth Mehlville school board candidate, Fred Padberg, did not file a report.

In Sunset Hills Ward 2, candidate Thomas Musich’s committee, Musich for Alderman, reported $1,645.95 in expenditures. He contributed $600 of monetary contributions and $240 of in-kind contributions to his own campaign. Musich had $1,840 in receipts and $514.23 in other disbursements.

Musich’s competitor, Nancy Goldkuhl, had receipts totaling $1,500. Her committee, Nancy Goldkuhl for Alderman, reported expenditures of $1,503.15 and contributions totaling $1,500. Of those contributions, $300 came from Mayor Bill Nolan.

In Sunset Hills Ward 1, incumbent Frank Hardy reported a $300 monetary contribution to his own campaign and $231.87 in expenditures. Receipts totaled $300.

Hardy has $252.79 on hand and $1,100 in indebtedness. His challenger, Richard Gau, did not file a report.

In Crestwood, Ward 2 aldermanic candidate Tim Trueblood had receipts totaling $1,055.67 and expenditures of $1,055.67 with no cash on hand.

Ward 2 aldermanic candidate Mary Stadter and Ward 4 aldermanic candidates Dan Tennessen and Steve Nieder did not file reports.