District officials close Mehlville swimming pool

The Mehlville School District’s community pool at Mehlville Senior High School, 3200 Lemay Ferry Road, will be closed until further notice, according to a news release.

The pool, built in 1973, was inspected by a civil engineer and a structural engineer and was found to be in need of major repairs, the release stated. A number of issues were uncovered by the inspection, including roof and deck-support problems, as well as structural problems with the observation window used by the high school swim teams. These issues are caused by years of high humidity levels in the pool area and the use of pool chemicals and upkeep.

Because of these structural issues that affect building integrity, district officials cannot guarantee that visitors would be safe and have decided to close the pool until further notice. District personnel are formulating estimates to address these issues and will seek guidance from the Board of Education and administration to decide if an investment into the pool is feasible.

Both district high school swim teams have found locations to practice with Mehlville High’s swim team practicing at the South County Family YMCA and Oakville High’s swim team utilizing Sperreng Middle School’s pool.

Eventually, both high school swim teams will share Lindbergh High School’s pool, the release stated. Members of the diving teams for each high school will practice alongside the swim teams at Lindbergh High School’s pool, since they have a diving board available.

The South County Family YMCA’s pool is available for community use, subject to membership fees, according to the release.