Crestwood unveils a new logo and flag


By Jessica Belle Kramer
For the Call

The Crestwood Board of Aldermen unanimously decided to adopt a new logo and flag during the April 23 board meeting.

City ordinances state that a city flag must fly at City Hall and other locations that the mayor and aldermen request, but for the past few decades, it hasn’t.

The new flag will now fly proudly displaying the city’s new logo on a white background at City Hall and the Public Works Building.

The changes made to the flag are “mainly stylistic,” Crestwood Mayor Grant Mabie said.

“The (old) flag wasn’t consistent with today’s symbols and imagery. It looks radically different,” Mabie said. “It doesn’t look like either of our city logos.”

Instead of white text with a black outline, the logo will have black text. The two multicolored trees will remain the same.

City Administrator Kris Simpson has been talking to some city consultants and design departments, who recommended standardizing the logo to create more unity. The new standardized design will create “better visibility because everyone was using a different logo,” Mabie said.

“We wanted to update the look of our brand, so we sought some minor updates to the logo,” Simpson said. “We thought this was just a touch more contemporary.”

The city looked into doing a more substantive change, but decided there wasn’t a need for it, Mabie said.

The city is working on pricing to make these flags available to residents and to local businesses.