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Crestwood board approves contract for variety of work at Sanders Park

Crestwood aldermen recently approved a construction contract for a variety of improvements at Sanders Park.

The Board of Aldermen voted unanimously Oct. 27 to award a $316,217.47 contract to Dura Seal Paving Contractor Inc. for the construction project.

The ordinance also authorizes the director of public works to approve change orders up to $16,500 — or 5 percent of the bid — for a total cost not to exceed $332,717.

The city put the project out for bid on Oct. 7 and determined Dura Seal was the apparent low bidder of the five responses it received, according to City Administrator Jim Eckrich.

While Crestwood will pay for all project expenses, it will be reimbursed in 2010 by the Municipal Park Grant Commission, the city administrator noted.

The city received a $359,717 grant from the commission — $27,000 for engineering and $332,717 for construction.

Aldermen also approved a budget amendment that includes the full cost of the project in the 2009 capital improvement fund budget because it is unknown how much construction will be completed by the end of 2009.

At the end of the fiscal year, the public works director will estimate the remaining construction costs, and officials will submit another budget amendment for board approval.

Dura Seal’s contract with the city states the project will be finished in 90 days from the start of construction.

Among the improvements slated for Sanders Park:

• Eliminate the southernmost tennis court — to create a cul-de-sac on Clover Lane — and renovate the northern tennis court, including a new surface and fencing.

• Resurface the existing basketball court.

• Renovate the southern playground and add a new swing set to the northern playground.

• Installation of a picnic shelter and barbecue pit near the southern playground.

• Remove old paved shelter pads and game courts no longer in use.

• Provide a section of split rail fencing and a planting bed near the northern playground to serve as a decorative safety buffer to protect children from nearby Gravois Creek.

• Widen the existing trail from six feet to nine feet and expand it in two directions to increase pedestrian access, better accommodate trail users, address residents’ safety concerns and improve access for police and emergency vehicles.

• Add park benches, picnic tables, drinking fountains and several more parking spaces.

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