Councilman slates town-hall meeting Wednesday

County Councilman John Campisi will sponsor this month’s town-hall meeting to update residents on activities taking place at the County Council and to discuss the efforts of the St. Louis County Assessor’s Office.

Invited are Phil Muehlheausler, acting assessor, and Bob Bourisaw, assessor.

They will discuss the assessment procedure methods and the appeals process during the meeting, which will take place at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 26, at the Tesson Ferry Branch County Library, 9920 Lin Ferry Drive.

The meeting will be an “open-forum” format and Campisi will give everyone a chance to ask questions or speak.

He will continue to ask for input on residents’ concerns for south county, what priorities residents’ believe are important for consideration by the whole County Council and what they would like to see discussed at future meetings.

Each person wishing to make a statement will be allowed an appropriate time so everyone will get an opportunity to be heard.

More information can be obtained by calling Lou Chiodini in the County Council Office at 615-0159.