BREAKING NEWS (as of 10:16 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 5)

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District wins voters’ approval of bond issue


Voters in St. Louis County and the city of St. Louis resoundingly approved the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District’s plea for a $275 million bond issue to be spent on sewer repairs and maintenance and also reduce planned wastewater rate increases by 56 percent.

Proposition Y received 84,829 votes — or 75.46 percent — in the Aug. 5 election.

County records show that 27,594 votes — or 24.54 percent — were cast “no.”

The average residential customer will now pay $2.99 more per month for sewer charges by 2011.

If Prop Y had been rejected, that monthly sewer bill would have jumped by an average of more than $11.

Last year, residential sewer rates averaged $22.38. In January, that average residential rate climbed to $25.74.

Now that Prop Y has been approved, that average will jump more gradually to $28.