Board of Trustees continues to look into amending city’s quiet hours


By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

The Grantwood Board of Trustees further amended a proposed noise ordinance Aug. 16 to include exact decibel limits and extended noise-allowed hours on weekends.

The proposed ordinance is similar to the city of Frontenac’s as it is one of the only similarly-sized municipalities to have such an ordinance. 

July’s ordinance discussion ended with Public Works Commissioner Mark Kienstra saying he would like to measure Frontenac’s decibel limits to see if they are acceptable. 

“I took a stereo out to my driveway and turned it up to 85 dBs, which is the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) limit for hearing loss, and I stepped over to my property line,” Kienstra said. “By my property line, that 85 decibels dropped to 65, which is the limit specified on the Frontenac ordinance.”

Kienstra said his property line was approximately 20 feet from the speaker, and the Frontenac ordinance puts the measuring distance at 150 feet. The trustees felt 150 feet was too far for Grantwood, which could be “two houses away” according to Kienstra, so measurements will be taken at approximate property lines.

Village Clerk Phil Miceli felt the noise ordinance would cause more problems than solutions because the village hasn’t had one since it was founded.

“Grantwood Village has been around since 1937 and we haven’t had any ordinances and we’re still a desired community,” Miceli said. “I don’t think the noise is that big of a problem … to have to include a noise ordinance over a couple properties that will work themselves out.”

Chairman Kevin Kelso said the purpose is to cut down on any persistent issues, as opposed to occasional ones.

“If we have a persistent issue, then I think the village has to take responsibility to … do something about it,” Kelso said.

The second amendment to the proposal changed quiet hours to begin at 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Every other day would start at 10 p.m.