Bill would double work-zone speeding fines

Motorists caught zooming past road workers could face steeper penalties starting next year.

A bill that would double the fines for vehicles that exceed special work-zone speed limits on county arterial roads was scheduled to be introduced to the County Council Tuesday — after the Call went to press.

“I am concerned for the safety of our construction crews, and I believe such legislation will provide an effective measure to protect our county personnel,” wrote 3rd District Councilman Colleen Wasinger, R-Town and Country, who requested the legislation, in a Dec. 16 letter to County Counselor Patricia Redington.

Wasinger stated both county Police Chief Tim Fitch and Sheryl Hodges, director of the departments of highways and traffic and public works, supported the measure.

In July, the council approved an ordinance that gives Hodges the authority to establish construction zone speed limits on county roads. No such county law previously existed; the equivalent Missouri statute applies only to state highways.