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Approval recommended for subdivision on Kohrs

Approval of Panda Express on Lindbergh also recommended with a unanimous vote

The Green Park Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously last week to recommend approval of a proposed subdivision of 18 single-family, detached homes at 10995 Kohrs Lane.

Developer J.H. Berra proposes the subdivision, Clydesdale Manors, on nearly 6 acres owned by Ward 2 Alderman Tim Thuston. Planning and Zoning Commission Secretary Helen Summers and member Vicki Gamache were absent from the Nov. 5 meeting.

In September, the Board of Aldermen rejected the Arbors at Clydesdale Park, a subdivision with 41 attached homes, on the same site.

Aldermen voted 3-2 to reject a change in zoning from RS-1, single-family, to RS-1 with a planned residential development. Thuston recused himself from the issue, as he had done at past meetings.

Residents had voiced concerns about traffic and stormwater runoff from the Arbors at Clydesdale Park. No residents addressed the Planning and Zoning Commission at its Nov. 5 meeting regarding Clydesdale Manors.

The 18 single-family homes will range in space from 1,487 square feet to 3,197 square feet, while lots will range in size from 7,000 square feet to 10,654 square feet.

The cost of the homes will range from $250,000 to $400,000, Berra Vice President Al Hicks told the commission.

“… We feel that they meet all the requirements within the existing RS-1 zoning category,” he said. “The builder will be McBride & Son Homes.”

Commission members noted the concerns about traffic and stormwater runoff that had been raised by residents regarding the Arbors at Clydesdale Park.

Vice Chairman Dave Van de Riet said the Clydesdale Manors subdivision would generate far less traffic than the previous proposal for the site — about 162 distinct trips compared to roughly 370.

Engineer Mark Payken, a consultant for the city, replied, “It’s less than half.”

Mayor Bob Reinagel and Chairman Gary Neutzling asked Payken about the proposed stormwater controls. Under Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District regulations, all water runoff must be captured and treated before it leaves the site.

Reinagel asked, “And we have the berm on the back of the property towards Antrill Drive that will preclude any water runoff?”

Payken said, “Yes, and there will be area inlets spaced along that back side to pick up any water runoff, take it down to the detention basin.”

Neutzling asked, “So again, all the water that hits the site is going to be controlled to the point where it goes to either one of the two detention basins, correct?”

Payken said, “That’s correct.”

Van de Riet later said, “… It looks to me like many of the things that we had issue with last time have been addressed. We talked about there were no sidewalks in the previous development. There’s sidewalks here. There’s no direct lot access on Kohrs … The entrance egress is closer to Green Park (Road) to try to encourage people to go that way.”

During an Aug. 16 public hearing on the Arbors at Clydesdale Park, seven residents voiced their opposition to the proposal.

Among the residents opposed were former Mayor Tony Konopka and former Alderman Trudy Hoey.

In her comments, Hoey contended the Arbors at Clydesdale Park did not conform with the city’s comphrensive plan.

“… We in no way envisioned going backwards and allowing RS-1 areas be changed to (allow) multi-family attached units that are essentially condominiums ..,” she said.

Hoey later said, “I’m sure that a subdivision of single-family detached homes built on Alderman Thuston’s family’s property would be welcomed. That’s what it’s zoned for … This is exactly the reason we incorporated, to protect the integrity of our residential core …”

In a separate matter last week, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of a Panda Express at 6304 S. Lindbergh Boulevard.

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