Akin, Carnahan weigh in on Grant’s Farm

Staff report

Two area congressmen recently weighed in on the National Park Service’s potential acquisition of Grant’s Farm.

The National Park Service released a reconnaissance study in July that outlines the benefits and drawbacks of the agency assuming control of the 573-acre property. Congress ultimately decides which sites make it into the National Park System.

Proponents of the Grant’s Farm transfer say the proposal will ensure the property — including the land, historic buildings and menagerie — is preserved in its current state.

Resolutions in support of the acquisition recently were adopted by local boards of aldermen.

The Green Park, Sunset Hills and Crestwood boards voted unanimously Sept. 20, Sept. 14 and Aug. 24, respectively, to adopt resolutions supporting a transfer of ownership of Grant’s Farm to the National Park Service from the Busch family trust.

Similar resolutions already have been adopted by the Grantwood Village Board of Trustees, the St. Louis County Council, St. Louis County Municipal League and other government bodies.

U.S. 2nd District Rep. Todd Akin, R-Town and Country, told the Call in an interview, “The feedback has been very positive in this area. If I’m critical of the federal government, which I am highly, it’s not so much of the management of the park system, how they do things … I’m not into the federal government buying half of the Western states, but when you have something that’s going to be heavily used by the local community, at least in terms of relative categories of spending, I see that as being more constructive than a lot of this other stuff that is actually destructive of the economy.”

U.S. 3rd District Rep. Russ Carnahan, D-St. Louis, said during a Sept. 24 candidate forum, “This is a great opportunity, I think, for our region. Grant’s Farm is a national treasure. We’ve seen the community come together. We had a unanimous vote from the County Council, from local municipalities backing the support of the project … There’s a number of things that need to be identified, but it does have good income potential. It has fantastic potential to grow as an historic site, as a tourist destination and, again, as a national treasure for our region.”

The public can sign a petition, learn more about the proposal and view legislator contact information at