2007 Tiger Tot Program slated

The 2007 Tiger Tot Program at Oakville Senior High School will begin next month.

As part of the school’s Parenting II curriculum, Oakville High students will gain knowledge and experience working with preschool children. During their preschool practicums, students will plan, implement and evaluate age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate activities.

Tiger Tots must be 3 to 5 years old and potty trained. The Tiger Tot Program will begin Monday, March 19, and end in May.

Preschool will not be conducted the week of April 9 through April 13 because of high school testing.

The program meets from 11:15 a.m. to 1:50 p.m. Two- or four-day-per-week classes are available at $25 to $50 for seven weeks, including light snack.

Enrollment information is available by calling Pam Cooper at (314) 467-7134 or Betsy O’Toole at (314) 467-7136.