You get what you pay for, retired educator says

To the editor:

While reading the March 26 Call, I was disappointed at the manner in which Mehlville school board members have developed selective memory concerning extra days for the 2015-2016 school year.

The $180 per day rate is only for starting teachers. Top-level teachers would never have considered that as adequate compensation for two more days’ work.

From the May 28, 2014, meet and confer minutes, board Secretary Lori Trakas recapped negotiate in 2015-2016, leaning toward more instructional time, but needing to work out accompanying compensation. That seems abundantly clear. Perhaps Mrs. Trakas and board President Ron Fedorchak need to check their notes occasionally.

No one can produce a study that shows two or six or 10 extra days make a difference on a standard test. Another fact is much of the budget surplus as of 2014 was the result of not paying Mehlville teachers decent salaries for the last 10 years. The board voted to deficit spend intentionally to lower the $21 million surplus, rather than give any meaningful amount to teachers.

Teachers in Mehlville are losing money every year as salaries stay flat and insurance costs multiply. A top-of-the-schedule teacher in Mehlville could earn $20,000 more annually in Rockwood, the Special School District and several other districts.

Folks, you get what you pay for, and sooner or later Mehlville is not going to attract even mediocre teachers.