‘Wrong’ for board to OK new Swim Club site

To the editor:

As a former Crestwood Swim Club member, I believe it was completely wrong for the city to approve building a pool on the tennis court site.

It was emotional blackmail that this was ever approved. The city wanted Kohl’s, Kohl’s needed parking and the Swim Club wanted its pool. So I would say that every alderman who approved the construction of that pool is now getting exactly what every one of them should have expected, complaints from the neighbors. And the complaints will go on and on and on.

The members defending the children’s playful noises don’t live with the pool on top of them. Let’s just say that Kohl’s was never an issue. Let’s say that the Swim Club simply wanted to build a new pool on the tennis court site.

Do you really think it would have ever been approved — not in a million years.

Also, the aldermen certainly didn’t do their homework regarding membership at the Swim Club. Probably 50 percent of the club members do not even live in Crestwood. To favor the Swim Club over the neighbors surely doesn’t seem right when 50 percent of the membership does not live in Crestwood.

It was time to let the Swim Club go. I joined the Swim Club in 1969 and was very sad to see it go. I even thought the members should have said no to the city, and challenge the “threat” of eminent domain.

They didn’t, they accepted the money, they got their new pool, the city got Kohl’s and I’m very happy at the Crestwood Aquatic Center at Whitecliff. It is truly a first-class operation.

Monika Lovera