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Writer hopes Trump ‘locked up for next election’ as an ‘ultimate con’


Letters to the Editor 

To the editor:

Almost weekly we are subjected to letters in The Call from Trump sycophants that contain a multitude of falsehoods and are downright depressing in their failure to acknowledge the immoral, hypocritical and law-breaking activities of the president because of a perceived “booming” economy.

In a Sept. 19 letter, Bob Radil made comparisons between Obama and Trump on the economy that were laughable in their bias. The nation’s debt under Trump has increased less than it did under Obama’s presidency; however, Obama spent $12 billion on an auto bailout to fix a problem he inherited from a Republican.

Trump has spent $28 billion to merely put a Band-Aid on the farm crisis he caused – more than twice as expensive as the 2009 bailout of the automakers. His tariffs are expected to cost the average American $1,000 a year, and business investment has plunged because of the trade wars.

Between the 2018 tax cuts and increased spending for 2020 and 2021, Trump will push the accumulated deficits to be the largest ever over a four-year timeframe. In terms of the stock market performance, 32 months into his presidency, Trump lags behind both Obama and Clinton at the same point in their terms.

The threat of a global recession looms, and we have someone with the vocabulary and mental capacity of a fifth-grader running the country.

Trump has spent over $109 million and counting of taxpayer money on golf trips. He has asked foreign governments for help to win elections — twice. And now he is sending troops to Saudi Arabia, a country that attacked us on 9/11, as a diversion from his illicit activities.

And Radil has the audacity to imply Obama was a “notorious con man”? Trump is the ultimate con.

Radil may believe that the Trump base is “locked up for the next election.” My hope is that Trump is locked up behind bars by the next election and that his supporters wake up and stop rationalizing his appalling behavior.

Andrea Durway
Grantwood Village

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