Woman in 96th District objects to idea that women should vote for Erica Hoffman


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

After reading 96th Missouri House District candidate Erica Hoffman’s responses to the Call questionnaire, as well as her remarks at a recent forum, I am left puzzled by her contention that as a woman, she would be a better representative for women in the district.

Puzzled because she recently had an opportunity to put four women on the Lindbergh Board of Education, yet campaigned for the slate that had two men.

Apparently gender politics only matters when it can help put her in office; when it came to supporting other women who needed her vote, she actively campaigned against them.

It’s laughable and completely disrespectful to women who don’t share her views for Ms. Hoffman to contend that women should support her based on gender alone. If she really had any respect for women, she would understand that we are intelligent, capable people with the capacity to embrace differing views on various issues, and that the choices we make are entirely dependent on our values, not our body parts.

We’re much smarter than that. As for me, I’m smart enough to see through your campaign rhetoric and realize that David Gregory is the much better candidate for the 96th District seat.

Lisa Foster