With right to work, Missouri governor takes away ‘our right to vote’

To the editor:

The state’s new governor, Eric Greitens, decided Missouri should be a right-to-work state.

To do so, he had to take away our right to vote — something the people of Missouri twice voted against. We tell our children our vote counts. But does it really when they go around it to get what they want? The governor has said he is going to clean up Jefferson City. Does he think cleaning up involves not letting the people decide what we want?

We already had the right to work. Union membership is said to be less than 10 percent. That means 90 percent of jobs are non-union jobs. A union is an organization in which members pay dues — just like you pay for a membership to a gym, a country club, Sam’s Club or Costco and condominium association fees.

Is it fair for a union to represent people who do not want to pay membership fees for what they do for members? That’s not right for any membership. That’s busting a union or membership of a club of any kind.

When you pay dues and the person next to you does not pay, is that fair to you or the union that has costs, as any business does?

David Tretter

Green Park