Will south county Republicans work for government, not against it?

To the editor:

A prominent south county Republican publicly endorsed Prop R, the Mehlville School District’s tax-rate increase.

Yikes. Is the world coming to its end?

That lone Republican put aside his party’s mind-numbing, anti-government rhetoric in favor of supporting a tax proposal that enhanced the education of Mehlville children while contributing to the stabilization/improvement of residential property values in the school district. Kudos to that prominent Republican, Mark Haefner, as cited by Executive Editor Mike Anthony in


Haefner was quoted by the Call as saying, “If it’s not for the schools, you do it (vote for the tax-rate increase) for the property values.” That bit of economic wisdom may not reflect empathy with the plight of a struggling school district and its students, but it’s a proven truth. Good schools increase property values, as does the enforcement of property maintenance codes.

Property values are a primary concern to sensible homeowners.

So, too, is the operation of the government entity in which the home is located.

Be it county or municipality government, knowledgeable homeowners concerned for their home’s value want elected officials who will thoughtfully manage their city/county in order to maintain/improve property values. A basic element of that management is the reasonable, impartial enforcement of property maintenance codes.

So will south county Republicans learn from the failure of their “… shameful campaign of disinformation” concerning Prop R and cease their “vehement opposition” to government?

Will Republicans now work for government, not against it?