Will pick up child at Sperreng to avoid 70-minute commute home

This is a response to the recently published letter: “Why do so many parents continue to chauffeur children to school?”

I agree that there is a lot of private traffic to Sperreng Middle School each day and I am one of those many parents. You can find us waiting on the parking lot in a long line, waiting by the Concord Farmers’ Club, parked along Concord School Road or waiting on the nearby church parking lot.

And why? If my child were to ride the bus home, the bus does not arrive at our bus stop until one hour and 10 minutes after the time Sperreng is dismissed.

Now imagine if we adults lived two miles from work and every day when we get in our cars to drive home, the commute would take one hour and 10 minutes.

Hard to imagine, right? This is the service that Lindbergh School District provides.

As long as I’m able, I’ll pick up my child to avoid that 70-minute commute.

However, we wish that Lindbergh School District would reconsider this old policy of having middle-school and high-school students ride the same bus. It may have worked long ago, but clearly this is not fair to our middle school children today.

M. Nichols