Will Green Park reconsider business licenses as a revenue source?

To the editor:

The city of Green Park dipped into its cash reserve for more than $500,000 to balance its 2009 budget, the Call recently reported.

The shortfall was due to “unexpected” expenses associated with the reconstruction of one mile of Green Park Road; a contrived project enduring eight years of “planning.” Although grossly over budget, Green Park’s city officials slog on with financial abandon.

Concerned citizens have repeatedly cited the financial absurdity of continuing the road project and have presented a variety of documentation to support their contentions. City officials were unmoved, ignoring reality. Next step: The construction phase is certain to encounter extreme cost overruns. If continued, the road project may deplete the city’s reserves and possibly bankrupt it — an appropriate end for Clown City.

Point to ponder: Will city officials reconsider a business-license requirement as a revenue source? During a recent “study” of this issue, Alderman Mark Hayden was stupefied as to what the city would do with the new revenue while former Chamber of Commerce President Jim Smoot complained that a business license would stifle growth.

Why then did the 54th Street Grill and Bar decline a location in Green Park and build at Ronnie’s Plaza, where a business license is required? And there’s plenty of good things that can be done with the revenue, Mark.

Michael K. Broughton

Green Park